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The 2017 CSL Behring Community Grant Program has now closed. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in February..
We are proud to support the Hume Valley School Community Connections Program with the $20,000 CSL Behring Australia 2016 Community Grant.

The CSL Behring Community Grant Program supports community organisation to deliver great projects / initiatives for the local Hume community.

The 2017 CSL Behring Community Grant has now closed and applicants will be notified by the end of February 2018 of the outcome. 

The Community Grant, now in its fourth year, will provide up to $20,000 to support a local community initiative/project in or around Broadmeadows, including Campbellfield, Jacana, Gladstone Park, Westmeadows and Dallas.

With Hume City Council’s support in identifying local needs, the 2017 CSL Behring Community Grant seeks to provide financial assistance towards a community initiative/project that addresses at least one of the following community needs:

  • Education and training: This category seeks to fund programs that help to deliver improved education and training outcomes at all age ranges and levels. Programs may target initiatives that remove barriers to completing education and training.
  • Employment: This category seeks to fund initiatives that improve employment prospects for people in the Broadmeadows area. This may be via special skills/apprenticeship/traineeship initiatives or other innovative programs that facilitate employment outcomes.
  • Support for early childhood and families: This category seeks to fund initiatives specifically targeted at early childhood (under five years of age) and/or families. The types of projects that may be considered include those that improve language, literacy and learning outcomes for children and families or other innovative programs that enrich the lives of young children and their families.

Guidelines and criteria, including Terms and Conditions, can be found on this site.

Program Guidelines
How to Apply
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The CSL Behring Community Grant is a sponsorship program funded by CSL Behring (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 48 160 734 761 ("CSL Behring"). The following conditions apply to the CSL Behring Community Grant (the "Program"):

1.All applications must be made online at the Program website
2.CSL Behring will accept applications for funding from "Charitable Organisations" defined as Australian incorporated organisations that have been endorsed by the Australia Tax Office (ATO) as Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR). CSL Behring will request proof of your status as a non-profit organisation in accordance with the above definition if the organisation is successful in receiving a grant. If you are unsure of your organisation's tax status, check the Australian Government's ABN Lookup website:
3.CSL Behring will only accept applications from or on behalf of Charitable Organisations under the categories of 'Education & training’, ‘Employment’ and ‘Support for early childhood and families’.
4.An application may be submitted by an authorised representative of a Charitable Organisation.
5.All applications must be made with the approval and consent of the Charitable Organisation.
6.Only one application may be submitted for the same project.
7.Applications must meet the "Selection Criteria" for their grant category in order to be considered for a grant. CSL Behring will, at its sole discretion, determine if an application meets the Selection Criteria.
8.The grant awarded is at the discretion of CSL Behring.
9.A grant will not be awarded for the following activities:
  1. Individuals who are looking for support or fundraising
  2. Events such as community / school fetes, golf days or charity dinners
  3. Religious or political activities
  4. General fundraising appeals
  5. Capital works including building, ground and/or facility management
  6. Retrospective or deficit funding requests, e.g. funding of past expenses
  7. Everyday operating or administration costs outside of the project
  8. Equipment purchases not associated with an ongoing project. It must be proven that any equipment purchased is directly linked to the organisations community project
10.The grant will not provide access to CSL Behring products or services.
11.CSL Behring will provide the successful organisation ("the Grantee") with a one-off grant of up to $20,000 (excluding GST).
12.Grantees registered as GST taxpayers will be required to supply a tax invoice for the grant amount. Non registered organisations will receive GST exclusive amounts and will also be required to submit an invoice to CSL Behring.
13.The grant amount must be used and applied solely for the purpose of the project stated in the application, unless CSL Behring agrees to a variation in writing.
14.Expenditure of the funds so granted shall be completed by 1 March 2019.
15.The Grantee must complete an initial report on its activities in a form nominated by CSL Behring before 30 June, 2018 and on completion.
16.Should the actual total project costs be more than the proposed project costs, CSL Behring will not be responsible nor obliged to pay any monies additional to the notified grant amount – this will be the responsibility of the successful organisation.
17.If, at any time, the stated purpose of the project is no longer possible and cannot be completed in the manner described in the online application and proposal submitted to CSL Behring, the Grantee must advise CSL Behring of the inability to complete the stated purpose and any remaining unspent amount of the grant shall be returned to CSL Behring within four weeks of this becoming apparent. However, CSL Behring may agree to a variation in writing which altering the purpose provided that the variation still meets the initial selection criteria.
18.The Grantee must keep and maintain adequate insurance (including public liability insurance) for the activities carried out by the Grantee in relation to this project, against any claims for loss or damage to property and injury or death to persons.
19.CSL Behring’s financial assistance to the project must be acknowledged, regardless of the amount of funding. This is a condition of the Grantee's funding. Acknowledgement of CSL Behring’s financial assistance must be approved by the nominated representative of CSL Behring prior to publication. CSL Behring may not be referred to for any purposes outside of the activity/project.
20.CSL Behring may request to use photos of its grant recipients in publications and websites as agreed between both parties.
21.CSL Behring may request that grant recipients take part in media activities such as photo opportunities for a local newspaper, national advertising, provide quotes for media releases.
22.CSL Behring representatives may visit the project site if applicable, before and throughout the funding period, at times as agreed between both parties.
23.The Grantee shall not do or say anything or cause anyone to do or say anything that may prejudice or cause damage to the name and reputation of CSL Behring.
These Terms and Conditions are to be read together with the Guidelines before online applications are submitted. Together, these form the terms of the agreement for the grant. The term of this agreement is one year ("Term").