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INTRAGAM® 10 - Human Normal Immunoglobulin 10% (10g/100mL) - Intravenous Injection

Healthcare professionals can access INTRAGAM 10 information and resources via the INTRAGAM 10 HCP Portal
What is INTRAGAM 10?

INTRAGAM 10 is a 10% concentration preparation of human immunoglobulin for intravenous use (infusion into a vein). INTRAGAM 10 is prepared from blood obtained from Australian voluntary, non-remunerated donors. 

INTRAGAM 10 is indicated for treatment of patients who need replacement of antibodies which form part of our immune system and can provide protection against some infections. INTRAGAM 10 is also indicated in the treatment of some diseases when the immune system is overactive, these are called autoimmune disorders.

INTRAGAM 10 will be introduced from February 2017 and will eventually replace INTRAGAM P.

INTRAGAM 10 will be available only with a doctor’s prescription.

Who is this information for?
This information is relevant in Australia and is intended for healthcare professionals and people who have been prescribed this product.

Consumer Medicine Information
The Consumer Medicine Information is a leaflet written for people who have been prescribed this product, and contains information about:
  • What INTRAGAM 10 is used for
  • How INTRAGAM 10 works
  • How INTRAGAM 10 is given
  • Unwanted effects
  • Further Information
PDF icon INTRAGAM 10 Consumer Medicine Information (PDF, 0.04MB)

Product Information
Product Information contains information to ensure the safe and effective use of a medicine. This document is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and made available by CSL for you if you are a:
  1. qualified healthcare professional; or
  2. consumer, provided you have read the Consumer Medicine Information for the product; want further information on the product; and agree to consult with your healthcare professional if you have any questions in relation to the Product Information.
PDF icon INTRAGAM 10 Product Information (PDF, 0.12MB)

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