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Human Fibrinogen, powder for injection

Human fibrinogen is a protein which is important for blood clotting (coagulation). If you have missing or malfunctioning fibrinogen the blood does not clot as quickly as it should which results in an increased tendency of bleeding. The replacement of human fibrinogen with RiaSTAP provides an increase in the level of plasma fibrinogen which can temporarily correct the coagulation defect of patients with fibrinogen deficiency.

RiaSTAP is supplied as a sterile white powder which is dissolved with Water for Injections and then injected into a vein. It contains 1 g of human fibrinogen per vial and each product package consists of one carton containing a single-use vial of RiaSTAP. 

RiaSTAP is manufactured by CSL Behring and distributed within Australia by CSL Behring (Australia). 

RiaSTAP is available with a doctor’s prescription. 

Who is this information for? 
This information is relevant in Australia and is intended for health care professionals or people who have been prescribed this product.

Consumer Medicine Information
The Consumer Medicine Information is a leaflet written for people who have been prescribed RiaSTAP, and contains information about the medicine including:

  • What RiaSTAP is used for
  • How RiaSTAP works 
  • How RiaSTAP is given
  • Side effects
  • Further Information

PDF icon RiaSTAP Consumer Medicine Information (PDF, 0.021MB)

Product Information
Product Information contains information to ensure the safe and effective use of a medicine. This document is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and made available by CSL for you if you are a:

  1. qualified healthcare professional; or
  2. consumer, provided you have read the Consumer Medicine Information for the product; want further information on the product; and agree to consult with your healthcare professional if you have any questions in relation to the Product Information.

PDF icon RiaSTAP® Product Information (PDF, 0.057MB)

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