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Graduate Insights

Graduate Insights


Applications for our 2020 CSL Graduate Program will be opening July 2019
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Current Graduates


2018 Graduate, Seqirus

BSc Chemistry (Hons) Durham University, UK

“In my current rotation, I am not only completing my individual tasks but also working with colleagues in the field to understand the role from different perspectives. Additionally, my managers are keen to ensure I have an appreciation of how the business functions more broadly - providing opportunities in different departments and even states



2017 Graduate, CSL Behring

BSc (Chemical Systems), Masters of Engineering (Chemical Engineering), The University of Melbourne

“As a rapidly expanding company, CSL has been able to offer me the challenges and responsibility that I was looking to take on in my graduate role and I have enjoyed working in an environment that is fast paced, stimulating and supportive.”



2018 Graduate, Seqirus

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science, Monash University

“In my role I’m encouraged to work independently and drive projects to success with my ideas and initiative.”



2018 Graduate, CSL Behring

Chemical Engineering (Bachelor and Masters), University of Western Australia

“I have most enjoyed applying classical chemical engineering theory and techniques to a very interesting and important application. A great facet of the job, is that the contributions you make at CSL, help ensure that patients continue to receive lifesaving bio-therapeutics. That is something that is easy to wake up each morning for.”



2017 Graduate, CSL

Bachelor of Science, Swinburne University of Technology

“Working at CSL has been an entirely new experience for me, and has exceeded my expectations. The variety of work I’ve been able to be involved with has provided a number of amazing development opportunities, and I feel confident as my graduate experience is coming to an end that I will be able to continue to use and grow these skills in new and exciting roles!


Past Graduates

Isaac Harvey

2016 Quality Graduate, CSL Behring

Master of Engineering (Chemical), Bachelor of Physical/Computational Chemistry (Hons)

Full Time Role: Data Scientist

“Having always had a strong attraction to science and the power of its implementation to change the world, high-tech industry was a natural destination for me and CSL was at the forefront for Australia.”

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Suya He

2016 Engineering Graduate, CSL Behring

Master of Engineering (Chemical with Business)

Full Time Role: Production Engineer

“My industry experience when I entered the Graduate Program was limited to the engineering consulting and mining industries. To top that off I had minimal knowledge of biochemical processes. Thankfully my attitude, passion for problem-solving and strong desire to become an engineer that has a positive social impact made me a desirable candidate. Now I have little time to imagine a more challenging, interesting and dynamic work environment!”

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Thomas Renehan

2016 Quality Graduate, CSL Behring

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce

Full Time role: Cyber Analyst

“CSL is a vast organisation with many intricacies and interdependencies that I am fascinated by and am privileged to have been given the opportunity to experience.”

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Shohini Shome

2016 Manufacturing Graduate, CSL Behring

Bachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology); Master of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

Full Time Role: Project Engineer

“I was fascinated by biotechnology and genetics from early on which lead to a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology. My research in developing in-vivo interferon-beta protein therapy predominantly for MS treatment solidified my desire to work in the biotechnology industry. Furthermore, my work with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Australia exposed me to concepts of human-centred design and integrating sustainability as part of engineering solutions. Looking back, these experiences made me a good fit for CSL and have led me to where I am now.”

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Michael AhCann

2016 Engineering Graduate, CSL Behring

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Full Time Role: Project Engineer

“CSL attracted me as a graduate because it combined my interest in Biomedical Sciences and passion for Engineering whilst also being an organisation that produces products which make a difference in the lives of people around the world. I also wanted to be part of a company that was investing strongly into its Australian operations which CSL has done by building several new world class facilities.”

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Crista Ashby

2016 Manufacturing Graduate, CSL Behring

Bachelor of Biological Science

Full Time Role: Associate Operations Support

“Finishing university I knew that I wanted to remain in science but move away from laboratory work to be part of something bigger with more immediate outcomes. The CSL graduate program was the perfect opportunity and meant exposure to a wide range of areas from which I could ultimately find a role I enjoy.”

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