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CSL was established by Australia’s Government in 1916 to ensure an isolated Australia controlled its own supply of biological medicines, particularly in times of war and global pandemics. Throughout the 100 years since, CSL has continued to deliver on that original vision - to ensure that Australia retains its own secure supply of important biological medicines - researched, developed and manufactured onshore in Australia, to meet Australia’s requirements. Today CSL supplies an expanding portfolio of medicines for use in a range of conditions to people in over 100 countries globally. We have grown to become one of Australia’s largest public companies, an ‘ASX Top 10’ company that continues to invest in onshore Australian manufacturing operations, and one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. We remain as committed as ever to serving the health needs of Australia.

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Australian Operations

CSL Behring is Australia’s chosen national plasma fractionator and, under contract to Australia’s National Blood Authority, manufactures a range of life saving plasma-derived therapies for the treatment of the Australian community. The range of plasma-derived therapies we manufacture for Australia is the largest manufactured in a single facility globally. It is also the only range in which every product is manufactured using processes that include at least two dedicated and complementary pathogen reduction steps. We are also the chosen national plasma fractionator of New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. We have two locations – our manufacturing site at Broadmeadows and our commercial operations office at the Docklands.

Plasma Fractionation for Australia

CSL has been Australia’s national fractionator of plasma-derived therapies since 1952.

Today, Australian Governments continue to choose CSL Behring as Australia’s national plasma fractionator.

Working together in Australia, CSL Behring and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service ensure that the blood and plasma donations made voluntarily by Australia's community continue to deliver the benefits that self-sufficiency provides – a sustainable, reliable and high quality source of plasma-derived therapies, developed to treat serious medical conditions including immunodeficiencies, a range of haematological and neurological disorders, haemophilia, haemolytic disease of the newborn and trauma.

For further information, visit the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website.

For further information, visit the National Blood Authority website.

We leverage our global supply chain to provide Australia’s patients access to additional imported therapies manufactured overseas by CSL Behring from plasma collected in the US and Europe and recombinant therapies to meet the needs of patients with rare and life threating diseases. These imported products complement the 15 products CSL Behring manufactures from Australia’s plasma at our facility in Broadmeadows Victoria.

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Focus on Rare & Serious Diseases

Our portfolio of innovative medicines includes a wide range of recombinant and plasma-derived products for treating bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, as well as hereditary angioedema and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

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CSL Behring's Australian manufacturing site in Broadmeadows, Victoria

Broadmeadows Manufacturing Facility

Australia has a longstanding commitment to a policy of self-sufficiency in the production and supply of blood and plasma products. Under Australia’s National Blood Agreement, security of supply for a comprehensive range of important plasma products is underpinned by their on-shore manufacture from Australia’s own plasma, which CSL Behring undertakes at our manufacturing facility in Broadmeadows Victoria.  CSL Behring manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of 15 plasma products for Australia from plasma collected by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service:

• Immunoglobulins to treat and prevent infections, and to treat autoimmune diseases and neurological conditions.
• Critical care products for use in blood loss, shock, to treat severe burns and to replace specific blood proteins.
• Coagulation factors to treat bleeding disorders such as haemophilia and von Willebrand disease, and to reverse the effects of warfarin.
• Hyperimmune immunoglobulins to help protect against infection by life-threatening bacteria or viruses, and to help prevent haemolytic disease of the newborn.

In addition to manufacturing plasma products from Australia’s plasma, CSL Behring’s facility in Broadmeadows Victoria also provides highly specialised contract plasma fractionation services to other countries in the region: New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Since 2010 CSL Behring has invested in three substantial new manufacturing facilities at our Broadmeadows site.

Biotechnology Manufacturing Facility
• One of Australia’s largest and most advanced biotechnology facilities, for the manufacture of new recombinant protein therapies for use in late stage clinical development for a range of conditions.

Turner PRIVIGEN® Facility and AlbuRx® Facility
• PRIVIGEN (intravenous normal immunoglobulin, 10%) and AlbuRx (Human Albumin 5% & 25%) are global CSL Behring therapies manufactured from plasma collected by CSL Plasma in the US and Europe.
• Commissioning of these two facilities at Broadmeadows will substantially expand CSL Behring’s global production capacities and see product manufactured in Broadmeadows Victoria exported for supply to patients globally across the CSL Behring network, to meet growing global need for these important therapies.

In addition to contributing to Australia’s export economy, these three additional facilities at Broadmeadows will provide Australia with further high skills science and manufacturing employment opportunities, and strengthen capabilities to develop and commercialise future new medicines onshore in Australia.

Our Values

CSL’s strong commitment to living our Values has guided us for many decades. Our Values have been fundamental to our success -- helping us to save lives, protect the health of people, and earn our reputation as a trusted and reliable global leader. They’re at the core of how our employees interact with each other, make decisions and solve problems. They are:

Patient Grizalez

Patient Focus

We deliver on our promise to patients.

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We turn innovative thinking into solutions.

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We walk the talk.

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We are stronger together.

Superior Performance

We take pride in our results.

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Global Leadership Group

The Global Leadership Group’s unwavering commitment to patients enables us to deliver on our obligations to all stakeholders.

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