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How To Apply for the CSL Behring Broadmeadows Community Grant

Applications for this year's CSL Behring Broadmeadows Community Grant are now closed. The winner will be announced in July 2023.

Application Period

Applications open on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 (9am) and close on Sunday, 28 May 2023 (5pm).

Application Requirements

Here's what to include with your application.

Organisation details
The following information regarding your organisation is required as part of your application:

- Your Australian Business Number (ABN)
- Confirmation of your organisation's Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status
- A brief background on your organisation
- A contact person within your organisation (including phone and email details)

Project details
This section allows you to provide details on your project. In particular, you will be asked what critical community needs your initiative is responding to and how you will meet these. We will need to know exactly where the activity will take place, the project's expected start and finish dates and the category/key criteria in which you are seeking funding.

Within your application you will need to provide detailed budget information about the initiative. In particular, the application should include an expenditure breakdown for the grant amount and information about any other funding sources you may be receiving for the initiative (if applicable). 

Application Assessment

Assessment of applications will be supported by Hume City Council and selection will be made by a committee made up of CSL Behring employees.

Applications will be assessed according to:
- How well your project meets the category requirements
- How well your project meets a critical need within the community
- How well planned your project is, considering feasibility within the budget and timeframes
- How well the impact of your program can be evaluated
- Location of your project

Please note that priority will be given to applicants that are submitting a grant application for a project for the first time. That is, applicants who were unsuccessful in applying for the Grant in previous years may re-apply with the same project, however, new Grant applications will be prioritised.

Grant amount: We will provide one grant up to a total value of $25,000. CSL Behring’s Selection Committee will determine the amount granted during the assessment process.

Period of Funding: The Grant is for projects occurring in the next year, and the expenditure of the granted funds will need to be completed by 1 June 2024. Projects that conclude between the application closing date Sunday, 28 May 2023 and the Grant notification date in July 2023 will not be funded.

Notification: All non-profit organisations that have applied for a grant will be notified of the decision undertaken by CSL Behring in July 2023.

Application Tips

The following questions should help you to prepare your application. Once you have started your application, please note that you will be able to save your application and edit it at a later date, so you can get your submission just right. However, once your application is submitted, no further changes can be made.

- Is your organisation eligible? The organisation must be a non-profit with a current Australian Business Number (ABN) and DGR status.

- Is your project aligned with the Grant categories? The assessment process looks at how well a project meets the category requirements.

- Is your project located in or around Broadmeadows, including Campbellfield, Jacana, Gladstone Park, Westmeadows and Dallas? We are keen to support a project in our local area.

- Are you able to answer every question in the application form? All sections of the application form must be completed for the project to be considered for a Grant.

- Is your application clear and concise? Please ensure you stay within the specified word limit for each question and are clear with your responses. Ask someone unrelated to the project to read your application prior to submission, do they understand the program and its benefits?

Terms and Conditions
Read the Program Terms and Conditions. This has important information about the grants program which you need to understand and accept before applying. 

Before you apply for the CSL Behring Community Grant, make sure you read the Program Guidelines.